Rugby champion Nick Youngquest talks about his latest career move: Paco Rabanne and Invictus Intense
by: Style Republic

06 Jun
When renowned brand Paco Rabanne decided that it needed a personality and strapping specimen to embody victory for its powerhouse fragrance, Invictus, they tapped sports star Nick Youngquest. ...
Lotus Land: A FRESH take on anti-aging with Lev Glazman
by: Style Republic

17 May
After trying out a range of products from the brand's new Lotus Youth Preserve line, our team of editors asked FRESH founder Lev Glazman to shed some light on the benefits that the lotus has to offer. As big fans of FRESH and a variety of its products (if you haven't tried their lip treatment, do so immediately), we also asked Glazman to provide our readers with a list of product essentials. ...
Editors' Picks: The top beauty products that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated all winter long
by: Style Republic

07 Dec
Over the last few weeks, Style Republic Magazine asked its team of editors to try out a range of products in order to find the items that do a real stand up job of protecting your skin from the harsh winter weather. From oils and washes to creams and masks, the below list will undoubtedly keep you happy and hydrated from head to toe. ...


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