Lotus Land: A FRESH take on anti-aging with Lev Glazman

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May 17, 2015

After trying out a range of products from the brand's new Lotus Youth Preserve line, our team of editors asked FRESH founder Lev Glazman to shed some light on the benefits that the lotus has to offer. As big fans of FRESH and a variety of its products (if you haven't tried their lip treatment, do so immediately), we also asked Glazman to provide our readers with a list of product essentials.

Q: What inspired you to bring the lotus into the FRESH family?

The lotus is considered to be the flower of life; the eternal flower. Of course, there are benefits that come with that flower because of the antioxidants it contains; it’s all about hydration, as are most of the products at FRESH.

Q: Many people look at products with labels like “youth preserve” and “anti-aging” and assume that they’re only for a more mature demographic. Can the younger age bracket take advantage of Lotus Youth Preserve as well? What sorts of skin types will see the most benefits?

Lev Glazman: FRESH’s Lotus Youth Preserve line is great for all skin types, really. It’s not a very heavy texture, and what’s beautiful about it is that it gives the skin plenty of hydration; the effects of the product are almost immediate - it works very quickly. I would say anytime in your twenties would be a great time to start using the line; my own daughters - one is seventeen, the other twenty-one - are absolutely obsessed with these products.

Q: After spending just one week using the Lotus Youth Preserve line, our editors found it to be an amazing moisturizer. Will FRESH be creating a line of lotus body products anytime soon?

LG: We are definitely planning to expand the line; right now our team is working on quite a few other additions to the lotus collection.

Q: What would you say separates FRESH’s Lotus Youth Preserve line from other brands producing lotus-infused products?

LG: At FRESH, we usually spend quite a bit of time developing our products. Our team tests each and every ingredient very carefully, and we always go after cosmetic-grade ingredients, which have a slightly different potency. Something I think we always do well at FRESH is providing our customer with a full experience – from the texture, to the scent, and finally, to the result.

Q: Summer is just around the corner, and we’re big fans of many FRESH products! What would you say are FRESH’s top 5 summer must-have items?


1. FRESH's Soy Face Cleaner, always
2. FRESH’s Umbrian Clay line is very much needed regardless of your skin type because it’s full of minerals
3. Another product I love is the FRESH Rose Mask; it’s very hydrating, especially after being exposed to the sun - you feel completely rejuvenated.
4. FRESH’s Lotus Eye Cream
5. FRESH Black Tea SPF 20

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