Protein powers that be: Post & pre-workout smoothies that will keep your fall fitness routine feeling fresh like summer

"We just wanted to offer more services to customers and be a one-stop shop," explains Lucien Cyr, Marketing Coordinator at the rapidly expanding all-around fitness oasis, Body Energy Club. When asked about why the brand decided to integrate a protein smoothie bar into their locations, the answer was obvious: "It was a great way to start gaining more traffic in the store."

Founded in 2002 in a modest 500 square foot space, Body Energy Club now boasts a selection of over 6200 products, multiple locations in Vancouver, Canada and Hollywood - each adorned with an organic protein smoothie bar - and more than 100 employees.

While we're on the topic of a fitness oasis, it's worth noting that we discovered the crown jewel that is Body Energy Club inside Vancouver's swankiest gym - Equinox. And, upon making this discovery, it came to light that one of the best things about a sweat-induced afternoon with the fitness training elite was the "reward smoothie" (yes, that's what members call it) at the end of a workout. The staff's favourites? "Sun Warrior's Warrior Blend Protein," says Cyr. "It's a vegan protein powder, with the protein coming from a few different sources - pea protein and hemp protein...with some Goji Berry thrown in too!"

After a solid workout and an unparalleled smoothie experience, our editorial team decided to ask Body Energy Club exactly which reward and pre-ward smoothies will keep your fall fitness regiment feeling fresh like summer.

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Before a Workout The Body Shop Canada
Mocha Madness

After Running
Coconut Bliss

After Weightlifting
Maca Rush
Almond Butter Chocolate Monkey

After a Hike
Blueberry Almond Acai
Superfood Acai

After Boxing
Coconut Bliss
Blueberry Almond Acai

For a full list of Body Energy Club locations, visit their website:

Brittany Law

Brittany Law

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