July 23, 2017

Luxury Tea Brand TWG Tea Brings Its Coveted Iced Teabag Collection to the West Coast

With over five hundred hot selections (no pun intended) to choose from, TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, is using its exceptional taste to toast their coveted Iced Teabag Collection. With over 63 locations worldwide, and a team committed to offering teas directly from source gardens (the label utilizes fine harvests from every tea producing country, and hand-crafts its exclusive tea blends) - TWG Tea is one of the fastest growing luxury brands in history. Having opened its very first Vancouver Tea Salon & Boutique this past holiday season, the opulent label is using this west coast summer to bring a variety of iced alternatives to the luxury-loving public.

For those of you who have never been to the newly opened TWG Tea Salon & Boutique (pay attention, this bit is important), the expansive and newly renovated spot is not only a grand shopping experience, but it's also a fine dining experience. TWG Tea developed the Tea Gastronomy concept in Singapore with their Executive Patisserie Chef Philippe Langlois & Group Executive Chef David Thein. At the forefront of tea gastronomy, TWG Tea is continually drawing from their collection of tea, the largest selection in the world, integrating them into signature recipes as a most precious component to impart a unique flavour to each dish.

TWG Tea's Iced Teabag Collection can be enjoyed at home of course - the collection includes 15 varieties, such as French Earl Grey, Eternal Summer, Red Chai, Moroccan Mint Tea, Darjeeling, Sweet France Tea, Pink Flamingo and Cocktail Hour Tea. While sipping these cold concoctions on your very own roof top patio is highly recommended (each teabag contains 7.5 grams of tea perfect for a large carafe!) you certainly won’t regret sticking around for high tea.

...enjoying a cup of tea is an experience in and of itself, a moment of contemplation and quiet pleasure everyone can relate to.

TWG Tea's Iced Teabag Collection retails for $42; it can be purchased at the brand's Canadian flagship Tea Salon & Boutique located at 1070 West Georgia Street, and is open from Monday to Friday, 10AM - 7PM PST. Saturday & Sunday, 10AM - 8PM PST.

Want to learn more about TWG Tea Salon and Boutique? Our editors asked TWG Tea Co-Founder Maranda Barnes to talk a bit about future plans for the quickly expanding brand.

1. TWG has opened 63 locations worldwide, and, is said to be one of the fastest growing luxury brands in history (the company is less than a decade old!) What would you say has been the key to growing the brand so quickly - and, has it been difficult to grow at such a fast pace while still being able to maintain the label's high standards? 

MB: Within just a short span of 9 years, TWG Tea has grown tremendously since we started in 2008. We are now distributed in over 42 countries with 63 Salon & Boutique locations worldwide, each offering the very best harvests from 46 tea producing regions. TWG Tea stands as the only global luxury tea brand in the world with the highest standards of quality permeating every aspect of the brand, fostering a culture of innovation and passion for epicurean creativity in an ever-evolving tea industry. Launching in North America in 2016 has been key to growing the brand, particularly since the continent is showing a rising thirst for the coveted commodity. In 2015 tea sales in Canada amounted to $1.3 billion CDN and consumption is expected to grow an additional 40 percent by 2020. With the rising demand for luxury and gourmet teas, drinkers from all different backgrounds, age-groups and cultures have given us their stamp of approval, which has generated our very quick global expansion.

2. TWG Tea has over 500 (FIVE HUNDRED!!) teas to choose from - we're curious: which three are your favourites?

MB: Choosing your cup of tea is a very personal experience, it truly depends on the time of the day, mood and dishes I’m pairing it with. I never drink the same tea twice in a row, however I do have some teas that I love in particular for summer such as the Eternal Summer Tea, a bold and refreshing South Africa red tea embellished with notes of rose blossoms accented with raw berries. It’s a theine-free tea that’s versatile and can be enjoyed hot or iced, suitable for pregnant ladies or children. 1837 Black Tea is also another classic favourite that’s lovely for the mornings, a strong black tea to start the day with notes of fruits and flowers, ripe berries, anise, and caramel. To cleanse the palate after a meal, I’d indulge in a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea blended with strong and suave Sahara mint for that invigorating touch.

3. Your bio boasts a healthy background in both music and luxury (you're an accomplished violinist, and have extensive experience with fragrance development...) So we have to ask: why tea? Would you say that your current career choice is your passion?

MB: My love affair with tea was something that came naturally to me when I moved to France at the tender age of 17, where I first discovered the exquisite taste of a full leaf single estate tea. Very much similar to enjoying a classical music piece, tea has become an innate passion of mine simply because it is so much more than a simple beverage; enjoying a cup of tea is an experience in and of itself, a moment of contemplation and quiet pleasure everyone can relate to. With my background in the fragrance industry, the process of creating and launching a new perfume in the market and conceiving a new tea are almost identical. Together with Taha Bouqdib (President, CEO & Co-Founder of TWG Tea) and our team of experts, TWG Tea works directly with source gardens to create exclusive tea blends infused with fresh fruits, flower or spices in order to create unique and imaginative combinations. Experiencing a cup of tea at TWG Tea is all about taking your time to enjoy the finer things in life and I’m lucky to be able to share this passion with tea lovers everywhere.

4. What is next for TWG Tea? What would you say will be the brand's next big step forward?

MB: In response to the demand for exquisite quality teas, we hope to continue to extend our reach globally, with new locations expected across Middle East, India and Europe over the next year. The primary goal for TWG Tea in North America is to cultivate an even stronger tea culture, which is why the Vancouver TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is more than a retail venue but also a reference point for consumers to learn more about tea cultures from around the world, properties of different varieties, and the many high quality seasonal tea blends available.

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