January 13, 2014

The Carrie Diaries: Carrie Bradshaw's Top 10 Fashion Moments (So Far...)

Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate style icon. In The CW’s Sex in the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, Bradshaw never fails to leave us wishing that we could step into the mother-load of all closets. To sum it up, Carrie was born a fashionista— the trendsetting goddess that we all wish we could be. With her voluptuously perfect curls (that never seem to fall), her keen and impeccable attention to detail, and her daring sense of style, Carrie Bradshaw epitomizes all that there is to love and adore about the 80’s—which is why we couldn’t help but recall the top 10 most memorable fashion moments of our favorite blonde beauty!

1. In Living Color

Strutting along the streets of Manhattan in this sexy neon ensemble, it’s no wonder she’s a perfect fit for her fashion-forward Interview counterparts. Carrie dazzles in a fluorescent Aztec and diamond printed body-con dress that perfectly compliments her slender figure (You cannot tell me she doesn’t squat….). Accessorizing with a matching fluorescent pink clutch, color blocked pumps, and a bright yellow statement necklace, this edgy figure-flattering number makes us wish we could flashback to the 80’s and all of its radical trendsetting glory.

2. Pretty & Popular in Pastels

Proving that less really is more, Carrie’s flirty floral print bustier dress definitely takes the cake for being one of our favorite looks to date. What’s not to love? Her elegant Impressionist-inspired abstract garden print makes for a dainty, yet refreshing summer look that we just wish we could get our hands on! Accompanied by a few neon bangles and of course, her signature “C” pendant necklace, this whimsical ensemble adorned by Interview’s finest is a stand out we couldn’t resist acknowledging.

3. Block Party

In this edgy number, Carrie shows us the wonders a bold statement piece can do for a look in need of a quick pick-me-up; she wears a basic black and white striped top with slight shoulder cut outs and a black high-waisted skirt to match— proving that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication. By accessorizing with a few statement pieces (her chunky multicolored block necklace being a favorite…), she adds bright pops of color to both liven and add dimension to an otherwise neutral look.

4. The Newsroom

This one of a kind graffiti-newsprint bodycon is another daring ensemble put together by our beloved style maven. This majorly chic mid-dress with its ambiguously peculiar abstract prints makes for an undeniably sleek retro image. An advocate for the use of statement jewelry, Carrie takes this look up a notch with a geometric neon pink and green necklace and pink heels that add vibrant accents of color to this oh-so street-chic look.

5. My Size Barbie

Picture this: You’re at 'Toys R Us' with your parents, and you encounter THE Barbie doll—the most sought-after, end-all be-all doll to have ever hit the shelf; the game changer for your doll-collecting career. The life-size version of this dream doll? Carrie Bradshaw. In this fairytale-esque look, Carrie perfectly embodies the “my size” version of that Limited Edition Barbie that you could only ever dream of owning as a little girl. Sparkles, ruffles, and ribbon, oh my! Carrie glistens in this frilly confection of sweet pastels and intricate embellishments.

6. Material Girl

Look familiar? Well that’s probably because she’s got that universal ‘80s party girl look that we all vividly remember down to a science—and she totally works it. Reminiscent of arguably every woman to have ever partied during that decade, Carrie’s retrospective Madonna-inspired look makes for a classic party-appropriate-go-to. Carrie shines in this strapless silver sequin-infused dress that she compliments with layered bead necklaces and a flashy silver statement necklace. What really makes this outfit though? That sassy, intricately placed oversized-over the top bow on her head.

7. The Psychedelic Kaleidoscope

Decked out in gorgeously pigmented hues, this unconventional twist on a classic peplum look solidifies her status as reigning fashion maven. The technicolor dream-dress along with its complimentary aqua green statement necklace, lavender clutch and color blocked pumps, makes for an eye-enriching, super sassy look for our favorite blonde bombshell.

8. Flower Girl

Giving off a whimsical yet sleekly sophisticated vibe, this retro-inspired look is adventurous and totally on-trend. The delicate daisy embellished top paired with a printed yellow skirt make for a preppy, yet edgy look that is fit for any occasion. The statement piece? A classic red lip; a killer contrast from the mixed black, yellow, and white prints, the bright accent and a pair of large hoops to match are what polish off this fashionably flawless look.

9. Festival Jumper Frenzy

Opting for a crop top and playsuit, Carrie keeps things simple and casual while still remaining true to her fashion-forward ways. With its flattering fit and off –the-shoulder appeal, her multi-colored chambray top adds edge to a very festival-inspired look fit for those smoldering summer days spent lounging in the sun. Paired with a floral print and colorful wedges, these chic features are perfect for any fashion-forward festival-goer!

10. Wild Child

From polka dots to leopard print—Carrie incorporates just about everything in this outfit, creating a casual yet stand out look. Wearing a turquoise polka dot crop top paired with a leopard print playsuit, she works these mixed prints into a quirky, cutting-edge ensemble that is guaranteed to set her apart from the rest. *Psst... Did you know that this entire look is available at TopShop?

Neia Balao

Neia Balao

Neia Balao is a 21 year-old writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is currently a student at the University of British Columbia and has a passion for pickles, shopping, Netflix binging, and all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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