June 05, 2017

Wonder Woman: Or rather, Wonder Women? Director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot may just save the DC Universe…

Wonder Woman, you are a rarity. Not a rarity in the realm of film making, per say, but a rarity among the slough of DC films that have graced (or disgraced…) movie-goers with their presence over the last two years. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gained positive feedback from a tragic 25% of “Approved Tomatometer Critics” via Rotten Tomatoes, while the highly anticipated and perhaps even larger let-down of a cinematic experience, Suicide Squad, pleased a mere 27%. Why rehash such a statistical nightmare, you ask? Because I feel that it’s important for everyone to note that I went into Wonder Woman with absolutely zero positive expectation, and with all sorts of bias. However, upon exiting the theatre after the two hour and twenty-one-minute epic, one thing was abundantly clear: Wonder Woman, was… well, wonderful.

Director Patty Jenkins kicks off the stand-out film by taking her audience to Themyscira, the birthplace of Diana (AKA: Wonder Woman, played by actress Gal Gadot) and legendary island of The Amazons. From there, we learn that Diana knows little of the world of man, and that she wants to train to be as strong as the Amazonian warriors around her. While Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, disapproves of the idea, her aunt, General Antiope (actress Robin Wright) begins training Diana to become what destiny demands her to be – the “God Killer”.

Of course, the real story takes flight when our heroine encounters Steve Trevor (actor Chris Pine), whom mistakenly crash lands onto the Amazonian island in a German fighter plane that he stole while recovering valuable information as an undercover spy. After the Amazonians interrogate the mystery man, Diana provides a comical, yet innocent line of inquiries. “Would you say you’re a typical example of your sex?” she asks, to which Trevor responds, "I'm above average." Diana then opts to help the island’s prisoner escape, and assist him on the mission he laid out upon capture.

Gal Gadot is an unconventional, but striking Wonder Woman. Overall, the film is everything that one could hope to find in a summer blockbuster. While DC films don’t usually suffer in the “making sh*t look cool,” department, the fight sequences in Wonder Woman are exceptionally entertaining; and no super hero movie gets a gold star without a series of well-timed comedic moments – Wonder Woman has many. Diana Prince knowing next to nothing about the “typical” man provides plenty of comedic fodder throughout the film.

Lastly, Jenkins seems to have produced cinema that sends all of the “right” and necessary messages to the world of 2017. “What I do is not up to you,” quips Wonder Woman to “average” man… Enough said. And, albeit, a few of the other key moments and bits of dialog are on the cheesy side (I’ll let those slide, as sending clever metaphors through a G-rated film in these dark entertainment ages is struggle enough), our director and her predominantly female cast send a message to the masses that is loud and inescapably clear: Wonder Woman will undoubtedly save the world, but it is wonderful women who will save the DC Universe.

Brittany Law

Brittany Law

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