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Waiting Sucks: Our editors highlight the top 5 reasons why they can't get enough of HBO's True Blood

The stories are true – as you may have heard, vampires have indeed, “come out of the coffin”. They’re mixing and mingling with Bon Temps’ most outspoken, and most ignorant citizens. The twist? These vampires still walk at night (only at night), and still drink blood – but they’re mainstreaming. The show’s creator, Alan Ball, has this century’s model of bloodsucking fiction consuming their food of choice out of a bottle. Yes, a bottle of True Blood. The conflict? Vampires want real blood (according to them, there’s nothing “True” about a bottle of True Blood). From this underlining current comes a series of political scandals, untimely deaths, frowned upon sexual encounters and… Well, an HBO Original Series. Now into its fourth season, our team of editors deemed it time to express adoration for television’s most gruesome production – here’s why.

1. The ‘X’ Factor
Our mistake, we meant the ‘XXX’ factor. Without a doubt one of the most provocative shows on television, True Blood is forever crossing lines, breaking boundaries, and testing limits when it comes to graphic sexual indiscretions. Let’s put it this way – to date, various characters have ‘done the deed’ in all of the following locations: Their own bed, someone else’s bed, a car, the floor, a graveyard, a basement, a public washroom stall, a vampire hotel… Did we miss anything?

2. The more the manlier…
True Blood boasts a healthy surplus of men that we like to call, ‘everyone’s type’. From Eric Northman (actor Alexander Skarsgard), a 1,000 year-old vampire who resembles a young God of all that is Nordic Viking, to werewolf Alcide Herveaux (actor Joe Manganiello) – who embodies the perfect example of what being a man’s man would entail (dark hair, light scruff, favors the outdoors…). The kicker? We’ve only mentioned two – there are five! Alongside the above mentioned are William (Bill) Compton, the dreamy-eyed, now King of Louisiana played by Stephen Moyer; Sam Merlotte, the show’s entrepreneurial shape shifter; and Jason Stackhouse (actor Ryan Kwanten), whom we’ve nicknamed “Ab Fab” (self explanatory, his abs really are fabulous).

3. The fact is - it’s fiction.
Bon Temps is a fictional place filled with fictional characters, and the majority of them have fictional abilities that come with a slough of fictional problems. Trust us; nothing kicks off a good workweek like spending an entire hour contemplating how Jason Stackhouse will untie himself from bedposts to escape a pack of hungry panthers. Or how Hoyt Fortenberry will react when he finds out that his vampire girlfriend is sleeping with other men. Why? Because now that we’ve witnessed Jason and Hoyt’s seemingly inescapable endeavors - giving that presentation to various account executives on Monday morning doesn’t seem so bad. It may be fiction, but the fact is… Nothing makes us feel better than knowing that it could always be worse.

4. Ironically enough, Sunday night becomes “Vicarious Vixen” night.
It’s true – and don’t even try to pretend that it’s not. Every Sunday evening at 9:00 PM, any woman who parks herself in front of True Blood is living vicariously through the show’s tastiest character (Sookie Stackhouse) for an entire sixty minutes. As far as we (women) are concerned, Bill Compton is in love with [insert your name here], Eric Northman wants to own [insert your name here], and Alcide Herveaux is as sweet as pie to [insert your name here]! Who the hell is Sookie Stackhouse?

5. The older, the wiser – and stronger.
True Blood is probably one of the only shows that can boast the following principle: The older a vampire is, the stronger he/she becomes. Not even Twilight, in all of its blockbuster glory, can top that sort of reverse psychology. The reason we refer to it as reverse psychology? We as humans seem to think that we’re invincible - we’re not. However, this show seems to trick us into believing (even if just for a second) that we just might be: “If a vampire at 1,000 years of age is stronger than a 500 year-old vampire on television, surely the same principle will apply to me when I’m a 65 year-old trying to vanquish the 23 year-old vandalizing my car.”

Brittany Law

Brittany Law

Brittany Law is currently the Editor-in-Chief at Style Republic Magazine ( Since founding the online fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle publication in 2008, Law has worked aggressively to make Style Republic Magazine a power player in the digital media industry.
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