Up and coming artist FKA Twigs debuts a unique (and unheard of) sound with the release of LP1

26-year-old Tahliah Barnett (known as FKA Twigs) released her debut album LP1 this month, further plunging our generation into a genre of music previously introduced by artists such as The Weeknd and James Blake. The production brought to this album by Twigs & co. is nothing short of unheard of (we mean that in a good way). From the beginning of “Preface” we are greeted with a taste of how beautifully unusual the next nine songs are going to be.

The first listen through the album is eerie and fascinating to someone who loves to look just beneath the sound; her lyrics are more than words, but also prove to be a sensual story.

In the first verse of “Lights On”, Twigs sings, “’Cause the man that you are is defined by the way that you act in the light”, which is already deeper than much of what’s being pushed into headphones by mainstream pop culture. The multitalented London artist not only co-produced LP1, but also wrote every track. LP1 conquers the pop and R&B genre, making Twigs a top lyricist of today.

Hayley Law

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