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Ed Sheeran picks up some fancy dance moves for 'Thinking Out Loud' (the official video)

Our love for Ed Sheeran runs deep. For those of you whom are unfamiliar, Sheeran is responsible for popular tracks 'The A Team', and the more recently released 'Sing' (you know, that poppy sounding guitar melody you hear on the radio every other fifteen minutes?) And while we love Ed's slough of fan favourites, the official video for Thinking Out Loud (posted on October 7, 2014) is on a level of its very own.

Dancer Brittany Cherry (who appeared on So You Think You Can Dance's 10th season) taught Ed how to sweep a girl off her feet (literally) for the 4:56 music video...and the results are stunning. Watch the full clip below, and let us know what you think.

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