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Do You "Beliebe" in Justin Bieber?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, we're sure you've spotted the term "Belieber" making its way across the social media universe. After coming across the term for the 500,000th time last week, we decided to ask ourselves, "What Is A Belieber?" Although Urban Dictionary gives several definitions for the word, we found this one to be most appropriate:

A 'belieber' is a fan girl of and/or believer in teeny bopper sensation, Justin Bieber. In case it wasn't obvious, it's a combination of believer and Bieber.

So how do you know if you're a "Belieber"? Our editors compiled a few signs (symptoms) that may be tipping off your friends, below. Note: Start each paragraph by simply saying, "You know you're a Belieber if..."

1. Your Twitter avatar, background, and Facebook profile photo all boast different shots of Justin.

Let’s get real, girls (and ladies); if Justin Bieber DOES find your Twitter and/or Facebook page, wouldn’t you rather have him staring at a picture of you, and not at a photo of HIMSELF?

2. You “Beliebe” that Justin belongs to women of all ages.

Girls, tweens, and teens: It is totally and completely acceptable for you to place a claim on one day having Justin’s babies – we were all that age once upon a time (for my generation, it was all about Nick Carter). However, nothing makes your peers laugh harder than seeing a completely sane, respectable mom lose it all by sporting an “I ♥ Justin” baby tee. “Beliebe” what you want, Mom… But that T-shirt is the only thing that stands between you, and your dignity.

3. You thought that Mariah Carey ruined the All I Want For Christmas duet she did with Justin Bieber for last year’s Macy’s commercial.

Two words: You’re wrong! Mariah Carey doesn’t ruin anything; she’s one of the best (if not THE best) singers on the whole damned planet. If you think for even one second that Mariah Carey did anything but good for Justin Bieber for the duration of that Macy’s commercial, you’re deluded; but that’s only because you “Beliebe.”

4. You “Beliebe” in Justin, and therefore you believe in Selena.

Anything that Justin believes in, you believe in. While you don’t entirely relish the idea that the love of your life is dating a gorgeous teen pop star (enter, Selena Gomez) Justin seems to adore her, and thus, so do you. Boyfriend may be at the top of your playlist, but Love You Like A Love Song is just 3:28 seconds away from it.

5. You have a BF (a “Bitch Fit”) when iTunes is a mere 30 seconds late releasing Justin’s new hit single.

If the people at Apple are even a second late posting Justin’s latest and greatest, no one is more vocal about their frustration than you. A “BF” of this magnitude includes anything from venting to your Justin-loving bestie, to Tweeting the man himself (@JustinBieber), typing craziness like, “Why does iTunes hates #Beliebers?!” When the single finally does hit the worldwide music store, you can be seen "Pulling a Brandi." For those of you wondering what that is, click here*

Want to add your signs and symptoms to this article? Leave your comments below.

Brittany Law

Brittany Law

Brittany Law is currently the Editor-in-Chief at Style Republic Magazine ( Since founding the online fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle publication in 2008, Law has worked aggressively to make Style Republic Magazine a power player in the digital media industry.
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