The Best of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

You know it, and we know it - but we're going to start this post off by stating a wildly obvious late night television fact: James Corden is ridiculously funny. On that note (no pun intended...) he's particularly funny when he picks up his A-List friends and totes them around in a sleek black Range Rover to sing popular tunes (both old and new). Come on, if George Clooney and Julia Roberts singing Hollaback Girl with some conviction in the back seat doesn't make you laugh, we're not quite sure what will; though, that moment when Corden harmonizes with Adele is a close second. If for some strange reason you're unfamiliar with these highlights (or, you just feel like reliving the musical magic), check out the best of Carpool Karaoke below.

1. HOV: Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts, George Clooney

Late for work? Don't want to be stuck in traffic? Do what James Corden does: Call your best celebrity friends (...who all seemingly live within a 1 block radius). This clip is the epitome of funny - and on a side note: Gwen, we love your lipstick.

2. Adele was Ginger Spice...

Dear Adele: the next time you're having a glass of wine (or five?) feel free to shoot us some tickets. The highlights of this spot are endless: Adele singing, Adele admitting that she was a Ginger Spice fan, and Adele rapping (really, really well).

3. "Big fans of The Late Late Show...": Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber talks about throwing his underwear out, #MyCalvins. Not even sure what to make of this one, but in any case: it's hilarious, and watching grown up Justin Bieber sing his throwback tunes is pretty awesome.

4. Barack was busy, so: Michelle Obama & Missy Elliott

You know that thing, when you're going to visit the President...but he's too busy to see you so the First Lady gets into your car and raps some Missy Elliott while you circle the grounds of the White House? Yeah, us either.

5. Roller Coaster: Selena Gomez

James Corden and Selena Gomez make a pit stop. Watching the two of them trying to belt out Come and Get It while riding a roller coaster made our week.

Brittany Law

Brittany Law

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