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5 Things You Can Expect When Attending a Lana Del Rey Concert

With a hauntingly captivating voice, and a healthy collection of songs you just cannot get out of your head (West Coast!!), it's hard not to be a fan of Miss. Lana Del Rey. To commemorate the release of her latest album, Ultraviolence, our editors decided to put together a definitive list of what to expect at one of the summer’s most anticipated tours headlined by the Brooklyn Baby songstress herself.

1) Beware of the Flower Crown

This is a serious warning. A definite Lana staple, their presence at her show is inevitable; but the height and size of these crowns is not to be taken lightly! Prepare to find yourself in a jam-packed sea of prodigiously colorful crowns that, although appropriate and stunningly “Lana-esque,” may hinder your view of the songstress! Our tip: Try to find yourself a spot in the crowd behind the smallest floral headpiece. You may think nothing of it at the time, but trust us on this; you’ll be glad you steered clear of those enormous flower arrangements once the show starts.

2) The (Unfortunate) Inevitability of PDA

Need we say more? Okay, while we totally get the sultry vibes that songs like Blue Jeans give off, there are certain things that should remain expressed behind closed doors. Prepare to see many couples around you vigorously sucking face for the duration of Gods and Monsters...or any Lana song for that matter. Disclaimer: There will most definitely be some sights that you'll wish you could un-see.

3) Ultraviolence...

The mosh pit is not for the faint of heart. Take it from us; Lana fans are an impassioned bunch, so if the idea of immense shoving and jumping amidst a crowd of sweaty concertgoers doesn’t appeal to you, then you may want to grab a beer and hang in the back. The best piece of advice we can offer? If you do attempt to acquire that sought-after center stage view (we don’t blame you!), be wary of your choice of footwear for the night; heavy-duty foot protection is a total must— you’ll be thankful you didn’t opt for those sandals.

4) The Daunting Line-Ups

If you’re anything like us, purchasing some sort of Lana Del Rey tour merchandise to commemorate the occasion is a no-brainer. The merchandise booth has just about anything a Lana fan could want; countless prints of the New York-bred beauty on t-shirts and tank-tops, phone cases, posters, even “LDR” Zippos…the slight setback? Having to endure those ruthless clumps of equally merch-hungry people in both the merchandise and ATM line-ups. It’s inescapability is a given, so to obtain your desired memorabilia before it sells out, we suggest you hop in those dreadful lines earlier rather than later.

5) A Spellbinding Vocal Performance

Flower-crowns, PDA, and mosh-pit-madness aside, if there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that our National Anthem singing, All-American girl will be sure to leave everyone in the auditorium speechless. Be it her riveting live performance of Young and Beautiful, or the sultry rhythms of Ride, Del Rey’s ability to both mesmerize and deeply move her adoring crowd from start to finish is a gorgeous sight to see. With her sombrely angelic vocals and hauntingly beautiful aura, Lana Del Rey successfully showcases her ability to put on a quintessentially cathartic concert— solidifying her reign as beloved indie-pop princess.

*Ultraviolence is out now. Click here to download the full album.

Neia Balao

Neia Balao

Neia Balao is a 21 year-old writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is currently a student at the University of British Columbia and has a passion for pickles, shopping, Netflix binging, and all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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