by: Style Republic

20 Mar
Netflix’s most expensive series to date boasts many desirable attributes: a sexy cast, a fictional, predominantly computer-generated environment, immortality...the list is endless....
by: Style Republic

26 Jan
We'll admit, we were late to the party when it came to adding Big little Lies to our must-watch list. If you've yet to see the series that everyone seems to be talking about, here are a few good reasons to start taking "everyone" seriously....
by: Style Republic

24 Sep
Warner Bros. has dropped the trailer for 2018's much-anticipated Tomb Raider film, starring Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander as the iconic bow-wielding, gun-slinging (and of course, tomb raiding...) heroine Lara Croft....
by: Style Republic

05 Jun
Gal Gadot is an unconventional, but striking Wonder Woman. Overall, the film is everything that one could hope to find in a summer blockbuster. ...
by: Style Republic

04 May
Many a parody of the infamous Pepsi advertisement starring Kendall Jenner have surfaced over the past couple of months. That said, no parody (at least, according to our editorial team) is as laugh-out-loud funny as this video concoction produced by Cracked. ...


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