Interview: Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright, director & novelist Adam Rapp

November 09, 2017

Style Republic Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Brittany Law, sat down with American playwright, director and novelist Adam Rapp to discuss his career, his process, and his Pulitzer Prize nominated play, Red Light Winter.

“I’d caught wind of Vancouver-based theatre company Vagrant Players Theatre Society putting on a production of Rapp’s Red Light Winter for November, and decided that it’d be a good time to not only sit down with the writer behind the acclaimed work, but to launch an entire division that celebrates modern theatre, performance, and the tough questions that artists are asking," says Law.

Writing and working on Red Light Winter was likely the most important transition I made as a theatre artist.

The Arts & Culture video series (beginning with Rapp) was shot in Brooklyn, New York.

“Writing and working on Red Light Winter was likely the most important transition I made as a theatre artist. In terms of its subject matter and my shepherding it as a director, the play forced me to come to terms with some of my more brutalist instincts while at the same time seek out the humanity in these flawed characters,” explains Rapp.

“Everything I have done in the theatre has been informed by that experience, which started in Steppenwolf’s small garage space in 2005 and wound up transferring commercially Off-Broadway to the Barrow Street Theatre at the beginning of 2006, where it had a 6-month run.”

If you happen to be located in (or visiting) Canada's west coast, Vagrant Players Theatre Society's production of Red Light Winter is running from November 18-26, 2017, at the up-and-coming Revue Stage on Granville Island. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

"It’s not an easy play to get right," says Rapp. "It has to be as difficult to watch as it is pleasurable; as tender as it is obnoxious. It is by turns an embarrassing confession, an opaque portrait of excruciating loneliness, and a psychological and sexual bear pit. The performers must throw themselves headlong into its troubled waters and the director must help them figure out a way to save themselves and each other. None of them survive intact and the audience must feel the consequences powerfully.” *

[Interview references: Lee Brewer, Mabou Mines | Martha Lavey, Steppenwolf Theatre]

Brittany Law

Brittany Law

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