Coco Rocha talks about Sephora's new home on Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada

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November 01, 2014

Last night, Sephora opened the doors to its brand new Robson Street location in Vancouver, Canada to close friends, members of the media, and guests for an unforgettable unveiling of their 8,600 square foot spectacle. Hosted by top model Coco Rocha, the party was in full-swing by 7:30PM (tunes courtesy of DJ Alexandra Richards). We sat down with Coco to chat about her latest visit to Vancouver, her pregnancy announcement, and to find out what Sephora's largest location in Canada has to offer.

Q: Let's talk about your big pregnancy announcement; that was quite the unveiling on Instagram...

Coco Rocha: "We had to be different; we didn’t want our announcement to be the same as everybody else’s. The entire clip was shot in 1 second; there were 100 cameras, me being in the middle of them, so the clip is just images shot at different angles in the same moment. We actually used that same technology to shoot my book; every pose was shot on that ring (that’s what we call it), so you can see every angle. But we decided hey, we know the people with the technology, why not use it to announce the pregnancy?”

Q: How excited are you to be back in Vancouver, so close to your hometown?

Coco Rocha: “The last time I was in Vancouver was two years ago; my mom moved out of the city which was why I’d visit in the first place. I have some great friends here, but if you have to choose between visiting your friends and your family, you go with your family. My mom moved to Toronto, so when Sephora said would you like to come to the store opening in Vancouver, I said “Yes!”

Q: We're told that this Sephora store is now the largest in Canada! Can you tell us about some of the things that customers can expect to find that are unique to this location?

Coco Rocha: "The Sephora team is made up of the sweetest, kindest people; yes, this location is the biggest store in Canada. Usually the “biggest stores” always open in Toronto first, or Montreal. This location contains exclusives like the VIB Rouge studio, a skincare studio, a blow dry bar (courtesy of Bumble and bumble)… I’m very happy and excited for Vancouver to prove to Sephora that just like any other city out there, it’s only wishing and wanting these sorts of exclusives to be here."

Q: Tell us about some of your favourite brands and products that are available at Sephora; what do you love?

Coco Rocha: “I don’t buy clothes; I’m the worst at buying clothes…I couldn't care less. But I love technology, and I will buy cosmetics, and the only way I buy cosmetics is by packaging. I’m the girl that judges the cosmetics' book by its cover; I truly am. If I don’t find the packaging cute, or if the colors just aren’t bright enough, I’m not buying it. Marc Jacobs has probably the best packaging, Nars is great for its colors as well, Make Up For Ever is great… I actually got here [to Sephora] an hour early and it was really dangerous because I was walking around to the point where I was ready to buy everything! The cool thing about the VIB Rouge studio is that if you pay $1,000 for the entire year, you can get your hair and makeup done anytime you want. People spend more than $1,000/year on cosmetics, so I think the VIB Rouge concept is pretty amazing.”

Q: What's the one thing you'd like to do before you leave Vancouver?

Coco Rocha: “I’m going to visit my old high school tomorrow! I’m so excited to see my old teachers; especially the ones that had a big impact on my life.”

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