Men and the Art of Text Messaging
by: Style Republic

05 Jan
When it comes to mastering the art of male/female interaction, text messaging is one of the few obstacles that the average competitor can clear with the use of performance enhancing devices. In this case, we like to call those devices common sense, etiquette, and basic grammar. Unfortunately (much like the realm of face-to-face interaction), such necessities can be withheld from certain individuals to a near cruel extent, causing relationships to fall apart, chemistry to dissipate, and you (yes, you), to ask yourself the inevitable, “What the f*** happened?” Women in particular seem to have an axe to grind when it comes to the way men do (or don’t) respond to text messages. Some of the most common complaints: Lack of emoticons, excessive use of capital letters, no punctuation, no response, and our personal favorite, “He says he’s busy!” After listening to various questions and gripes on how text messaging is affecting the dating game, we just had to ask, “Men… What gives?”...


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