Garnish Great Events with Vancouver Catering Experts at The Lazy Gourmet

When it comes to styling food, our fabulous friends at The Lazy Gourmet are experts. While the upscale catering house is located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, our editors thought that this particular piece would be fun for readers across the globe. Partially because the chefs in The Lazy Gourmet kitchen manage to make appetizers, entrees, and desserts look beyond delectable on camera (and in person!), but also because we think that their creations could easily garnish a Hollywood-style party. As our editors talked around the table about who concocts the best events (whether they be bridal, celebratory, or thrown by an A-Lister), one name in particular seemed to circle: Colin Cowie.

After inevitably deciding to share some of our favourite past events orchestrated by Colin Cowie (accompanied by some words of wisdom), our editors thought it also suitable to show off some great dishes to help you garnish your very own A-List style soiree (with the help of our friends at The Lazy Gourmet, of course). Should you decide that you absolutely must have any of the dishes that you see below (and trust us, you will), feel free to give them a call – they’re friendly, we promise. If you get bitten by the party bug while browsing, but don’t feel like throwing a Gatsby-sized spectacle all by yourself, drop Colin a line; we’re sure he’d love to hear from you.

"Angular square plates, pillar candles and a mirrored runner combine with delicate pink and purple orchids, roses and Calla lilies for modern décor with feminine elements." -Colin Cowie Weddings

"Long tables with mix-and-match furniture surround a central dance floor beneath a verdant canopy." -Colin Cowie

"[The host's] favourite wines are displayed on a wooden side board with a towering arrangement of greenery."
-Colin Cowie Weddings

The Perfect Match: The Oyster Trio. This fresh combination contains three Pacific Rim Oysters; each prepared in a different fashion. They fit the colour scheme quite nicely, don't you think?

The Perfect Match: Pea & Mascarpone Tortellini. This garden-infused dish is perfect for any outdoor occasion.

The Perfect Match: This bite-sized hors d'oeuvre is the perfect compliment to any wine and/or champagne party...wherever you may be!

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