10 New York Blogs and Bloggers That You Should Be Following...

New York is full of avid and inspiring bloggers; fashion bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, event bloggers... The list is endless. After spending a few afternoons perusing some of our favourites, we decided to share our top 10 picks with our readers.


Scott Schuman’s blog is a dream. Not only does The Sartorialist boast a healthy collection of stunning street-style photography, but he also captures a string of fabulous moments, parties, and people,
making the blog an inspiration to (and for) everyone; not just the fashion-forward.


Currently serving as the Editor at Large for both Harper’s Bazaar and V Magazine (and you know, being a noted New York Times Best Selling Author on the side), Derek Blasberg’s official blog is everything you’d expect it to be: So f**king cool. Mr.Blasberg is a collection of many things; personal photos that boast countless celebrity cameos, extremely honest thoughts about industry affairs, and behind the scenes looks at some of fashion’s hottest editorial. Fun fact: You’ll feel a little bit cooler just bookmarking his blog.

DKNY PR GIRL (this blog has since closed since publishing date)

Aliza Licht (AKA: DKNY PR Girl) has become one of the most notable fashion publicists conversing and thriving on the World Wide Web. So naturally, when the popular Twitter fashionista launched the official DKNY PR Girl Tumblr blog in 2011, we hopped on board her train of bad #ShowRequests, #GossipGirl recaps, and #PR101 hilarity.

Why She Started It: "A funny thing happened one day on Twitter. Some of my Twitter friends started asking me why I didn't have a Tumblr, and the answer was simple. Oh, I have enough to do in my "PR" day job thank you very much. But then I started thinking about their question; maybe, they were onto something. It was then that I started (in 2011) with the tag line, "When 140 Characters Aren't Enough". Essentially, was really born from Twitter.


Ever wonder what inspires fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw? Yeah, we have too. Luckily for us, we stumbled upon the artist’s personal blog. Here, you’ll find everything from Dallas’ favourite artsy photos and fun jewelry picks, to a showcase of pretty florals and unique home items.

Why She Started It: "Because of my job, I find myself surrounded by talent, beauty and new brands daily. I started posting it all on my blog, Dilly Dallas, and onto other social channels because I wanted to share all of the things that I am lucky enough to see with as many people as possible."


New York Magazine’s official food blog is probably one of the best we’ve ever seen for many reasons. One, we’re not going to lie – we love food. And two, the site is updated with new dining experiences, thorough reviews, and trendy tidbits every 15 minutes (literally)!


Founder Grace Bonney could rival Martha Stewart (and win) in a challenge that tests the homiest homemaker. One thing we’ve learned from Design Sponge? No one can make decorating a home look as appetizing as Grace Bonney can. Even the daintiest of ladies will want to hit a home store, bake for an army of her closest friends, and/or craft up a storm after perusing this blog.

FASHIONISTA is the ultimate in fashion news blogs. Best dressed lists, reality TV recaps, and fashion house gossip makeup the bulk of this haute online destination. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t admit it – just click here.


Dear Nate Berkus: We really started living when you started blogging. Nate Berkus’ official blog follows some of his biggest design projects, offers some gentle suggestions for more decorative options (complete with photos, thank goodness), and also includes a healthy number of friendly contributors (to whom you can ask design questions)!


Get your scissors out, everyone (your gold scissors)! Erica Domesek means business of the crafty kind when it comes to runway trends and seasonal showstoppers. Fashion’s DIY extraordinaire and Sharpie ambassador shows everyone how they can re-create designer must-haves with fun tools, knickknacks and fabrics on her blog.


That’s right – top model Coco Rocha has a blog! The charismatic fashionista bears her personality, wit, and charm to the world via her online abode. Here, you’ll find posts on everything from funny tweets and recent magazine covers, to behind the scenes shots and personal photos.

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