HGTV: Our Top 5 Favorite Home & Garden Television Shows

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January 05, 2014

It’s true – we’ve spent hours over the last couple of weeks upping our game in the home décor and design department. Of course, we couldn’t do that without logging in some good hours with HGTV (Home and Garden Television). After spending some quality time with the network (and a bowl of popcorn), we wanted to pass what we’ve learned on to our readers. Which shows/experts taught us the most (and made us laugh the hardest), you ask? Take a look below at our top five picks.

1) Holmes On Homes

We’re not going to lie – watching Mike Holmes correct the often-astronomical mistakes made by inadequate contractors posing as experts is wildly entertaining. But the real reason that Holmes on Homes takes the top spot on our list of HGTV favorites is because even while in the thick of disaster, Holmes teaches the un-handiest of handy men (or women) a thing or two about home renovation. For this reason, we’re willing to take off our Louboutins, put on a hard hat, and overlook the overalls that go alongside his on-screen persona.

2) Selling New York

Watching top realtors concoct strategic marketing plans to move New York City’s most attractive real estate investments is a great way to spend the afternoon. Pair that with a glass of vino, and you might even feel like you’re shopping! Multimillion dollar views, modern furnishings, sought after artwork and extravagant clients put this show close to the top of our ‘ones to watch’ list.

3) Decked Out

This show is just cool – seriously. Cutting-edge deck builder Paul Lafrance walks in on a more often than not dilapidated yard, maps out a brand new concept, snaps his fingers, and magic happens. At least, it feels that way! By the end of just one Decked Out episode, the once upon a dirt heap is transformed by Lafrance and his crew into a modern-day oasis; infinity pools, fire pits, elaborate deck designs, crazy arbors… Did we miss anything?

4) Property Virgins

It’s nice to see that we’re not the only ones who have unrealistic expectations about what we want to pay for where we want to live. Host Sandra Rinomato takes first time homebuyers straight into the world of house hunting, where she shows them a series of homes that either meet their expectations, or hits them with the reality of their budget.

5) Design Star

If Project Runway were to book a slot on HGTV, it would be Design Star. A group of aspiring interior decorators compete against each other in a series of tasks that include (but are not limited to) DIY projects, staging spaces, television appearances, experimenting with paint, and collaborating with their already successful interior design mentors. This show makes our list because it sparks the creative mind. Watch it, and you’ll find yourself looking at sand paper and paint swatches by day’s end!

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