by: Style Republic

05 Jan
The stories are true – as you may have heard, vampires have indeed, “come out of the coffin”. They’re mixing and mingling with Bon Temps’ most outspoken, and most ignorant citizens. The twist? These vampires still walk at night (only at night), and still drink blood – but they’re mainstreaming. The show’s creator, Alan Ball, has this century’s model of bloodsucking fiction consuming their food of choice out of a bottle. Yes, a bottle of True Blood. The conflict? Vampires want real blood (according to them, there’s nothing “True” about a bottle of True Blood). From this underlining current comes a series of political scandals, untimely deaths, frowned upon sexual encounters and… Well, an HBO Original Series. Now into its fourth season, our team of editors deemed it time to express adoration for television’s most gruesome production – here’s why....


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