Status Update (Reality Check): A Very Candid Look at How Different Generations Are Using Facebook
by: Style Republic

05 Aug
Long gone are the days of Facebook being something that just tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings pour hours of spare time into. Yes, over the last five years, Facebook has evolved into an integral business tool, and a must-have means of communication for all generations. With over 500 million users, Facebook allows its loyal following to tell each of their contacts (sorry, “friends”) exactly what they are doing at any given time of the day…fantastic – right? Maybe. After taking a close look at a variety of Facebook timelines right here in our office (cultivated by generations of all sorts), we notice three things: 1) We know what Plain Jane, 27-years-old (whom we haven’t spoken to in about six months), is eating for breakfast, 2) John Doe, 55-years-old, has yet another wife – whose boob job looks a little lopsided, by the way… and 3) College Basketball Hotshot, 19-years-old, is asking us for more Candy Crush lives…again! Yes, where would we be without Facebook? Naturally, after making just these few observations (some snide, some true, some both…), our editors decided to compile a list of their favorites; which begged the question, “How are different generations using Facebook?”...
Fifty Shades of Grey - The official trailer has arrived; what do you think?
by: Style Republic

25 Jul
After an agonizing countdown and the release of a nail-biting teaser (outfitted with an exclusive version of a beloved Beyoncé beat), it's finally here - the official Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer. Yes, the kings and queens of Hollywood introduce actor Jamie Dornan and his devastatingly good looks to the big screen as Christian Grey, and actress Dakota Johnson as stunning, young, and impressionable Anastasia Steele. ...
5 Things You Can Expect When Attending a Lana Del Rey Concert
by: Style Republic

22 Jun
With a hauntingly captivating voice, and a healthy collection of songs you just cannot get out of your head (West Coast!!), it's hard not to be a fan of Miss. Lana Del Rey. To commemorate the release of her latest album, Ultraviolence, our editors decided to put together a definitive list of what to expect at one of the summer’s most anticipated tours headlined by the Brooklyn Baby songstress herself. ...
SHARP Man, Sharp Mind: Enter, Jeremy Freed.
by: Style Republic

22 Apr
As we humbly make our introduction to the world of menswear (keep your eyes peeled, Style Republic Magazine's "manly" website launches shortly), our editors thought it highly appropriate to begin tapping the masters of menswear to share their style secrets with our readers. Enter SHARP Magazine Editor-in-Chief (and notably sharply dressed male) Jeremy Freed. We asked the fashion-forward SHARP mind to shed some light on summer style selections for the quintessential Style Republic man....
Kate Upton Announced as the New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
by: Style Republic

23 Mar
It's true! Bobbi Brown has announced model Kate Upton as the newest face of her namesake (not to mention wildly successful) cosmetics company. "I was drawn to Kate because - not only is she incredibly beautiful - she is healthy, comfortable in her own skin, has such positive energy, and is a woman who creates her own rules," commented Bobbi Brown. "She loves life and that is pretty powerful." ...


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