La La Land [Review]: A Film for the Dreamers
by: Style Republic

01 Feb
Stripped of its cotton candy skies and endearing numbers, La La Land is a film that depicts the bustling intersection that is establishing your career and cultivating a relationship with your partner; it’s a refreshing departure from......
Gilmore Girls Revival: Rory Gilmore Is A Postcard From The Real World
by: Style Republic

30 Nov
When we last saw Rory, she was gearing up to leave Stars Hollow to report on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign for an online publication. Now......
The Best of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden
by: Style Republic

07 Nov
James Corden is ridiculously funny. And on that note (no pun intended...) he's particularly funny when he picks up his A-List friends and totes them around in a sleek black Range Rover to sing popular tunes (both old and new)....
Fifty Shades Darker: The Official Trailer
by: Style Republic

14 Sep
Bring on yet another seductive rendition of Beyoncé's 'Crazy In Love' (courtesy of Miguel) - and yes, the anticipated trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey's second instalment, Fifty Shades Darker. ...
Recipe: Pain au Chocolat
by: Style Republic

07 Sep
Pain au Chocolat (or rather, "Chocolate Croissants") are a fan favourite in any and every city at... well, any and every bakery or neighbourhood café. That being said, very few things beat fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate croissants over morning coffee and one's initial peruse of the World Wide Web. ...


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